composite isolate bus (patented product) The excellent function of isolate bus: 1.Large loading flow , low skin effect, transport big current Composite isolate bus adopts hollow copper(aluminum)pipe as special electrical conductor, the round surface of copper(aluminum)pipe decides charge uniform distribution. Because of angular existing on traditional rectangular bus, lead electrical field strength E abnormality on angular, part electrical field strength E nonuniformity coefficient increases.Under high voltage, it is easy to corona discharge, lead to part bus heating, then effect the situation of loading flow. Because adopting hollow copper(aluminum)pipe, low skin effect. Single section loading flow is bigger than common rectangular bus, single-phase highest rated current can reach 12000A. 2.Composite isolate bus adopts hollow copper(aluminum)pipe as hollow conductor. Two top of bus open special ventilation opening for prevent water and foreignmatter. It forms natural inside diameter whirl tube. During the operation of bus ,inside diameter whirl tube can form hot air convection, well hot output, low temperature raising. 3.High mechanical strength, allowed big span, reduce support points and cost. Allowed force of composite isolate bus special conductor is 4 times of rectangular bus. Bus adopts steel frame structure supporting.Then has stronger antil-interference capability. Make the supporting short circuit power is bigger than rectangular bus. Span of copper bus can reach 9 meters, and reduce supporting insulators, bus golden tools and building construction of common bus need. Then reduce the cost. 4.Good isolation, stable electric property.Composite isolate bus adopts main isolated material and is equipped with good electric property, anti flaming, ageing-resistant, stand fire, long using time. At the same time, Huaxin High Tech attacks key problem with relative expert, originality lead heat conducting to isolate material. Raise the heat output of bus, reduce the lose of energy. 5.Simple and convenient to install.Composite isolate bus design adopts connection methods of inner middle connection and terminal connection. Scientific and reasonable structure design. According to bus size, choose and mate supporting insulator and golden tools fixed on the steel frame or concrete pillar. Simple and convenient to install. 6.Long using time, low maintain workload.Composite isolate bus adopts isolate material and outside protection jacket material, and is equipped with good chemical stability. Material has high and low temperature resistant, uvioresistant, water resistance, humidity resistant. It can be used under poor environment but not effects the function. The using time is longer than 40 years, normal operation and free maintain. Need more technology date and detailed inforamation, please contact 400 688 6801 ,or register as our member, we will send technicist contact you!
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