1, The Gold Stent Usage:
Long term since, the erection of public utilities and industrial cable mostly adopts the metal cable support. Metal stent is usually steel or aluminum alloy material is rolled into a desired profile, the welding or fasteners assembly. The energy consumption of traditional metal stent process too large, multi process, cycle is long. In many poor environmental conditions, such as subway, tunnel, 'chemical enterprise, rainy and humid or coastal salt spray and other occasions, the use of metal bracket is easily corroded, facility maintenance cost is high, the service life is short. The rust and corrosion, although using external paint or hot-dip galvanizing technology, but still can not solve the corrosion problem of the influence from, electric power, communication facilities are safe and trouble free life. In addition, cable using metal bracket, a current flowing through the cable process will generate a magnetic field, the magnetic field of a closed loop is formed among the sluggish two bracket angle (Huan Liu), the cable temperature, current loss increase, and further make Huan Liu temperature. Especially when the cable by a large current, temperature rise rapidly, often can form strong arc and damage the metal bracket. In order to transmission security, bold cable etc. the main measures at present, so that the manufacturing cost increase of transmission equipment. In addition, the erection of cable used the traditional metal framework, the construction is very convenient, in the construction process is very easy to scratch or damage the cable.
2、Use Plastic Cable Bracket:
The use of plastic stents, often strength and bearing capacity can not meet the use requirements, even if the beginning can satisfy the use requirement, but due to the plastic aging resistance performance is poor, often used for a period of time, its strength can not meet the use requirements, the product will be due to the creep and the emergence of the sagging phenomenon, affecting the normal operation of the cable. In addition, steel stents and plastic stents are vulnerable to theft. So, a small accessories, cable workers floored many.
3、Pultrusion Type Ordinary Composite Scaffold:
Although has the good properties of the composite, but due to technical limitations of the pultrusion process, the fiber can only be strengthened along the transverse single direction, and can't realize the ring to strengthen, its product application, strong compressive horizontal uniform force, and once the non uniform transverse force, will become very fragile, even worse than ordinary plastic bracket.
4、The current situation of the use of foreign cable support:
The developed countries abroad have been efforts by all kinds of ways to develop high strength, strong bearing capacity, no corrosion, aging resistance of the new fire polymer material to replace traditional materials. In recent years, in the undersea tunnel between France and England, American AICKINSRVT company made successful efforts in this regard, which is the most representative of the supporting materials in Eurotunnel use about 3.6kt thermosetting composites do cable, pipeline, the support material with corrosion resistant, composite fireproof, low smoke, non-toxic safety standards, easy installation, low maintenance cost, and prolong the service life of excellent properties.

HZZ assembled composite cable support is one of the research, the success of my company's products in 2006, experts on composite material cooperation company and Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University of Technology, Wuhan University of Technology, composite materials absorbing domestic and foreign advanced technology, through technical research, successfully developed the HZZ assembled composite cable bracket, and apply for the patent protection to the National Knowledge Property Bureau, and registered the trademark to the State Trademark bureau.

HZZ assembled composite cable support is the project development plan in Hangzhou in 2007 the first batch of science and technology, has obtained five national practical patent technology. HZZ assembled composite cable support, through the national electric power equipment product quality supervision and inspection center, the national quality supervision and inspection center of fire fighting equipment and Zhejiang power engineering line equipment quality inspection center (Zhejiang quality supervision and inspection center of the testing of Huadian equipment).

HZZ assembled composite cable bracket series products with good strength, strong bearing capacity, insulation, corrosion resistance, no rust, maintenance free, aging resistance, moisture resistance, flame retardant, high temperature resistance, smooth surface and do not scratch the cable anti-theft, natural advantages, the design adopts the combination assembly type, installation is very convenient disassembling and replacing, extremely fast. Is the replacement product of the traditional metal cable tray, plastic cable bracket updates.

HZZ-CQ super type assembly type composite material cable support is my company for the use of the environment and the customer more demanding research and development of the new product, has more superior performance than the ordinary type cable bracket, the carrying capacity is a huge promotion, its harsh environment carrying up to two times more common composite scaffold, thoroughly solves the problem of cable support selection in the harsh environment of difficult.

For example, 1:HZZ-700 * 325/3 common type: the assembly height 700mm, assembly width is 352mm, 3 layers of erecting HZZ assembled composite material cable bracket.
For example, 2:HZZ-CQ-700 * 360/3 super type: the assembly height 700mm, assembly width is 360mm, 3 layers of erecting HZZ assembled composite material cable bracket.

1、Products high strength, good rigidity, strong bearing capacity, can meet the needs of a variety of voltage levels of multi circuit cable laying.

2、Insulation, corrosion resistance, no rust, maintenance free.

3、Aging resistant, resistant to moisture, the relative change rate of less than 0.2% of compressive strength of thermal aging, artificial aging relative change rate of less than 2.9% flexural strength, water absorption rate of <0.2%, can be used for a long time in bad environment, without affecting the performance of the product.

4、Heat resistant to high voltage, in minus 40 DEG C to 180 DEG C temperature between the long-term use without deformation. Freezing and thawing loss of compressive strength ratio is less than 11%.
5、HZZ stent surface smooth, do not scratch the cable.

6、Long service life, maintenance free, a successful installation, can be used for a long time.

7、The design adopts the combination assembly type, installation is very convenient. Pre construction only the upright post is fixed on the cable trench wall to the expansion bolt, does not occupy space cable trench, which makes it more convenient for stay cable, dressed, and then cross arm installed on the cable, in order to be fixed.

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